The NDS Radiance category of surgical displays comes in 24, 26, 55, with full MMI (multi-modality imaging) and with touchscreen display. The NDS Radiance displays are high-end medical imaging systems and recognized for their outstanding imaging quality.

All NDS Radiance systems make use of the proprietary CCT (Color Correction Technology) that conforms to paint standards of higher definition tv systems. Because of CCT, the calibration of color is precise and same through the whole family of NDS Radiance systems. Thus, surgeons possess the confidence of viewing precisely the same pictures of any endoscopic procedure, even if the surgeons come in different rooms or watching in various sizes of NDS Radiance displays. All NDS Radiance surgical displays are compliant with the requirements RoHS and the third edition from the medical safety standard. They also support single-fiber inputs, along with digital SDI.

The 24, 26″ and 55″ NDS Radiance are fully featured and lit up with LED technology. The 24″ NDS Radiance is the 1st in the future out there featuring an LED screen. The 26 NDS Radiance, besides a more impressive screen, has all of the features from the 24 plus two exclusive features. The LED is stabilized and the High Definition TV Aspect Ratio is valid to 16:9. Labeling will help you superbly bright and is also the market industry leader because the brightest surgical display from the 26 range. The 55 NDS Radiance includes a significant screen. The look is refreshed continuously having a refresh rate of 120 Hz, making every image a pointy, crisp and clear image. The top screen provides viewing of details very easy.

The complete MMI NDS Radiance comes in three sizes of 19, 32 and 42. Each of the sizes feature two options for input that enable viewing two images simultaneously in a single display. The NDS Radiance MMI range supports two DVI and 2 SDI inputs. As well as the proprietary CCT, in addition, it features gamma correction, enabling simple and accurate viewing of any PACS image. The system is compatible with all the medical imaging platforms like fluoroscopes, cameras for endoscopy, along with machines for ultrasound imaging. The NDS Radiance with touchscreen display has all of the features from the MMI, and also a touchscreen display. It comes in two sizes of 24 and 55. The touchscreen display features resistive touching and has quite a few interactive programs.

The NDS Radiance category of surgical imaging displays can deliver precisely the same audio and video content, within and out of doors the operation theater, to as many outlets from the same premises as needed. This raises the efficiency from the workflow of surgical procedures, making the NDS Radiance displays as the 1st selection of surgeons, clinics and hospital settings, both nationally and internationally.